3 ways wine helps you stay healthy


1. The biggest benefit of wine for your health comes from the fact that it makes you relax, for a moment it puts you in a state of joy and pleasure. Usually when people drink wine they are living the present moment and for an instant they forget their problems, concerns and things they have to do. A lot of health issues are caused by stress, so finding ways to reduce it, has a good impact on your health and decreases risks of depression.

2. Wine is a nice way to socialize and meet people as it has taken a big part of life for many, becoming a hobby. Sharing your passion and knowledge will help you to spend some quality time with your friends and maybe make new ones. Former Harvard professor Shawn Achor wrote “investing in social capital has been proven to be a critical component of success in both work and health. It can literally add years to your life. The most successful people respond to adversity by turning to their social networks, and become more productive, engaged, energetic, and resilient.”

3. Several studies have shown that moderate wine drinking can help to have a healthier heart. Wine has the ability to increase your HDL “good” cholesterol which helps to prevent heart diseases. Antioxidants are another way to reduce the risk of heart diseases and some cancer, the good news is that red wine is full of it. Wine Folly gives a list of antioxidants rich foods and compares them with wine.

Don’t forget, moderate drinkers gets those benefits. If you are interested in getting more knowledge about wine, visit our section course at the restaurant or private course.

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