Corks vs Screw Caps

Screw cap vs corkDid you know that screw caps can be installed on the majority of wine bottles? It is an absolute myth that screw caps are indicators of a poor quality wine. A good example of a quality wine that has a screw cap is Bonny Doon Vineyard’s Le Cigare Volant Réserve, this wine is sold online for $79 per bottle and received a rating of 92 from Wine Enthusiast.

You might be wondering why so many wine bottles are closed with a cork? The only time a cork should be installed instead of a screw cap is when you plan to let the wine age inside its bottle. Traditional corks are made from a porous material which allows oxygen molecules to travel through and lets the wine get in contact with air. With years of aging, this micro contact between the wine and air has the effect of softening the tannins which changes the structure of the wine, adds some complexity and creates balance. However the majority of wines produced are not made for bottle aging, they are ready to drink as soon as they are bottled, so there is really no point of sealing all wines with a traditional cork. A bonus point: with screw caps you can be 100% sure that your wine will never be corked.

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