Mer soleil


Chardonnay is one of the most consumed noble grape varieties and is equally popular in the new and old worlds. Wine For Fun loves experimenting and trying new Chardonnay. They have a huge variety of textures, flavors and wonderful aromas. Mer Soleil was our latest discovery and if you are a big fan of Californian Chardonnay you must put this one in your wine bucket list.

What makes Californian Chardonnay exceptional is that many of them are aged in oak, which gives them this creamy, buttery texture and great vanilla aromas that you can identify in our Mer Soleil. Start by simply sniffing the wine, you can already smell both the vanilla and even butter in the wine. Now take a sip and feel its richness. We all have our own wine perceptions and associations, in my case a creamy chardonnay reminds me of a fresh pastry filled with a 35% whipped cream… What are your perceptions? Now take a moment to simply observe all the sensations and associations you get when you swirl it. Mer Soleil has a long finish and the vanilla taste comes even stronger towards the end. It really feels as if I am eating a donuts or a British scone.

If you are new to Californian Chardonnay and you cannot perceive vanilla aromas, don’t worry, there are exercises that you can do to develop your palettes. Get a real vanilla stick or essence and smell it before sniffing the wine and try to find familiar aromas. The exercise of smelling a specific spice or fruit before the wine will help you a lot in identifying all the aromas a wine has to offer.

Californian Chardonnay has a very nice acidity and will make an excellent pairing with grilled or cooked salmon or pasta in Alfredo sauce or why not try it with both at the same time and see which pairing you personally prefer.

Now that you have learned all this, get a glass of Mer Soleil or your other favorite Californian Chardonnay, close your eyes, relax and imagine yourself in San-Diego sitting on a terrace, enjoying Californian sun and embracing this wonderful world of wine…

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