Private wine course

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Do you have to organize a fun activity?

Do you want to look smart when talking about wine?

Do you want to learn how to pair wine and food?




Organize a wine course in the privacy of your home, office or in a restaurant. Our classes are really fun with tasting games and a great variety of quality wines, they are perfect for food lovers who want to acquire wine tasting skills.

You will eventually be able to:

  • Make delicious wine and food pairings
  • Discover new wines
  • Understand and discover your senses
  • Choose great wines in restaurants
  • Fully enjoy every sip

You will also have the opportunity to spend valuable time with your friends, colleagues or family. We promise you a lot of fun with various tasting games and wine tricks you will learn.

In more then a year we were able to get over 160 written and signed positive testimonials from our customers, here are a few:

  • Very interesting presentation, everybody should receive this small training in order to appreciate wines. – Katty Bessette
  • Great evening! Thank you. You know the answer to all questions, the course is very professional. – Catherine Aubertin
  • A wonderful evening, very educational and colorful. Thank you! – Jinny Vallee

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Our teachers have a huge experience in wine tasting with thousands of different wines tasted and analyzed. They also have followed advanced courses with the best wine experts in the industry. Every course is checked and revised by a minimum of 2 people to make sure the learning experience is fully optimized.

Here is a list of the courses you can choose, you simply have to click on one of them to get more information about the price and what you will learn:

The world of wine
France 1
France 2
Italy 1
Italy 2
Spain / Portugal
Chile / Argentina / South Africa
Australia / New Zealand

We’re so confident about the quality of the wine classes we offer, that if you didn’t have a good time or didn’t learn anything new or were not fully satisfied with your evening we will give you your money back without any questions or complicated procedures.

In order to have this fun and educative wine activity for your group you just have to send us an email ( indicating the course you would like to follow, the number of participants and the date of your choice. We will then contact you to confirm the information and make the reservation for you.

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For New York City: 917.783.0291
Anywhere in the province of Quebec: 514.791.4263




P.S. If you finally want to know which wine to pair with your food, simply email us to organize this fun wine activity.