Private wine course, the perfect activity for birthday parties


Planning a birthday party can be stressful, whether it’s for a friend, family member, or yourself. Finding a unique idea that will be fun for all in attendance, while still being low maintenance, is something that will make the party more enjoyable, and you get all of those things with a private wine course!

At Wine For Fun, our private wine course is done in the privacy of your own home, and you and your guests will be able to have an entirely different party experience tasting, enjoying, and learning more about wine. Whether you already have a favourite, or you’re new to the wide world of wines, these courses can help you to embrace wine and see it in an entirely new light.

Wine tasting also makes for an excellent birthday party activity, as it really gets the guests talking to each other and socializing effortlessly. One of the many fun things about tasting wine is discussing the different flavour and aroma notes that one person may have from another, so you can see just how differently each person interprets the same type of wine as each person will have their own taste. Our wine courses allow you to taste the wines you want, and really bring a special and individual flare to your sampling experience.

No birthday party is complete without a few games, and these private courses have those covered as well! Wine themed games and activities will provide fun to your guests and give them an experience that they may have never had before. With the intimate setting, you can also feel comfortable letting loose and really enjoying what each game or activity has to offer!

At Wine For Fun, we want to make your experience one that is different than other wine tasting experiences you may have had. For the beginner to the expert, all wine lovers can take something away from one of these courses that they will appreciate for a lifetime. To spend your special day sipping one of our bottles of Agnes Paquet Pommard Les Combes or a 7 Deadly Zins, check us out at Wine For Fun to spend your birthday with us!

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