Steps of wine tasting


Wine tasting is really a wonderful experience for wine connoisseurs and novices alike, as it helps you to get better acquainted with your favourite types of wine as well as discover new wines that you may not yet know you love! The 3 steps to a successful wine tasting session are:

1. Examine – Different wines will have different colour variations and brightness to the eye. The first thing you should do before tasting a wine is hold the glass at a 45 degree angle and simply observe the colour in the glass. The colour and appearance of a wine can give you quite a few clues as to the age and taste; for example, a wine that is higher in acidity may appear brighter while wines lower in acidity may appear more dull, and a white wine will darken as it ages while a red may appear lighter with time.

2. Swirl and sniff – After observing the colour and appearance of the wine, it is then time to give it a swirl and embrace its aroma. Swirling will oxygenate wine in a glass and help to bring out the true nature of its scent, and after swirling is the best time to enjoy the smell of the wine you are about to taste. While smelling, it is never a bad idea to try to pinpoint different scent notes within the wine, as this will allow you to truly appreciate its complexity!

3. Taste and enjoy – After observing, swirling, and smelling the wine, now the fun really begins! Tasting wine isn’t about guzzling it down, allow the wine to travel all throughout your mouth so it can hit each and every taste bud, and this can be done by swishing it for a few seconds before slowly allowing it to travel down the throat. Allowing the wine to sit in your mouth will also cause it to warm up, which will bring out the more sensitive aromatic notes that may not have been caught in the sniffing stage. Once the wine has been tasted, think about the different flavours and discuss your findings with those around you, as you may be surprised by what others caught in terms of the wine’s composition!

Wine tasting can really be an incredible experience, and tasting the floral notes of a Castello Banfi Rosso di Montalcino or enjoying the fruity aroma Chateau Lamartine Cuvee Expression can really make all the difference in terms of truly enjoying the wine as it was meant to be enjoyed. Try a tasting with us at Wine For Fun today and open your eyes to an entirely new world of vast and varied flavor!

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