The sweetness of zinfandel


Zinfandel, a Californian grape variety, is very popular among those wine lovers that go for fruity, bold and full-bodied wines. Just open a bottle and you will get strong aromas of plum, cherry and blackberry.

Now take a sip and feel the intensity of the wine and how rich the flavors are. What do you get? Cherry? Plum? Blackberry? Fruit jam?

One of the reason why Zins are sweeter than other red wines is that the grapes within the same cluster ripe unevenly and are being harvested only when all grapes are ripe. As a result some grapes become overripe and very high in sugar when harvested.

During wine production sugar with yeast is transformed into alcohol, so if you start with more sugar you will end up with more alcohol, this is why Zins are also high in alcohol (between 14-16%). Zinfandel wines usually keep a bit of unfermented sugar, which is called residual sugar, and this is partly what brings sweet jammy style to the wine.

Do not forget that hot Californian sun also affects the boldness and fruitiness of Zins as more sun and heat also gives riper grapes, so more sugar in the grape juice.

Zinfandel is a great wine for a romantic dinner around the fire. Surprise your sweetheart and pair Zin with a duck breast in a sweet raspberry or honey sauce or go for a simple steak with fries. Either way you will make a great impression.

And if you are now wondering about white Zins, what to pair with them and why they are sweeter than regular ones, than follow us and more will come!!!

A bonus: Wine For Fun favorite Zins are Seghesio Old Vine, Peter Franus, Caymus, Napa Cellars, Francis Ford Coppola Director’s Cut…

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